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Legal Notice - Policy


1. Digital products are none refundable
2. You are not allowed to share this product on other peoples computers
3. You are not allowed to share the serial key with anyone else
4. It is against the rules and law to dismantle the purchased product (freeware and payware)
5. You are not allowed to share your account with other people (instant ban, no refunds)
6. It is against the law and/or common sense to upload the product to p2p sites and other download sites
You would not steal a care, it is again'st the law and, it is also a lack of respect to the owner 

Azurafiles still owns the product you order (copyrights, rights)
Buying one of OUR products does not change this, because it is our creation, not yours.
Stay legal and you can keep it for ever. 

Installing our products:
Products are tested by real world pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts on a large variation of system setups.
You install and use our products under your own risk. We take no responsibility for any damages caused.
Make sure you have a backup of your game and system just in case.
If you need help in restoring your system, do the following for windows 7 and windows 8.

Credits and copyrights go to:
Azurafiles only unless it is made known differently in a document that follows one of our products.

Facebook register and login:
The Azurafiles website offers its customers to create an account and login with ease.
The app ''Azurafiles Quick Register'' makes it easier for customers to register to the website by using a prestashop module integrated into the store.
This app is optional and not required, but by using it you agree to let the app do the following.

1. Find and use your Facebook email address to use for your Azurafiles account (can be changed later)
2. Use the same password as you use on Facebook (can be changed later)
3. Find and use your real name as registered on Facebook (can be changed later)
4. Find your birthday information and store that into your Azurafiles account

These steps follow the rules set by Facebook and if in doubt you can look this info up on the page

Again you do not have to use this app to register.
Only do so if you want to save time to register for an account.
Azurafiles will never share this info with any third party for any reason what so ever.